Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Oh goodness, it took me forever to figure out how to set up the site (I have a wonderful, energetic toddler, so I was indeed a wee bit distracted) and now I need to put some words to the action. I hope to post something erudite from time to time, but for now I'll just admit that I'm not the most tech-advanced chica, although I am married to a software developer, so that should make up for it, yes?

Daily life seems to vacillate from moments where I want to pull my hair out (most recently because my little Picasso has redecorated the crayola) and moments of sheer bliss ("big hug, Mama"). BTW, I'm not as upset as maybe I should (?) be about the ottoman (and other parts of the house) because my inner quirky artsy side loves that he's expressing himself. But I don't want him to redecorate your living room if we visit! Boundaries...I'll work on that after I stop gazing at his exceptional use of color.

So much happens in the course of a day, often in the space of just a few rooms. That leads me to what prompted me to get off my duff about this long-postponed blog: I—have—a—house. A home. A place of shelter and love. Many don't. My mind and heart go straight to Haiti, experiencing the aftermath of "the most destructive natural disaster in modern history" ( and doing so in the face of the coming rainy season. Remarkably, even as a stay-at-home mama, I can make some bit of difference there. Today.

Last night I entered the brave new world (for me) of Twitter for the same reason. There are a number of NGO's that I feel confident in supporting, some big names, some small. Most recently,, and the grass roots movement around it, has captured my time and attention. The plan is three-fold with the end result being safe and sturdy rebuilt communities, but the immediate aim is to send tents, waterproof, to those in Haiti (nearly 1 million) desperately needing them.

The rainy season starts in 11 days. For this reason, if you are reading, you might see 11 more blogs about the same thing. I apologize in advance, but I can't not talk about it. If you can, please send a little more love, preferably a waterproof tent, or donate to (or to any other NGO's sending waterproof shelter, like The Salvation Army in Canada). You can even donate your time, as it's largely a Twitter, FB & blog movement.

Meanwhile, from the comfort of my home, for which I am so thankful, I promise to throw in some humorous son is dedicated to the later cause.

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  1. Welcome to blogging. I just started doing it too...occasionally. These are cute pictures of Carter. Owen started preschool yesterday (1 day a week), so I called to ask him how it went and the first thing he said to me...the second day in a that he wants to come to our house. That means sooooo much to me.