Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Ten of 2010

My dear cousin DS made a beautiful “Top Ten of 2010” list. Hers is deeply moving. And inspiring, so here goes my own. In no particular order, some favorite things—even ordinary day things—from 2010:

- Making and taking some dedicated time for yoga & walking (& poquito running), and walking the Santa Rosa 1/2 M w/ a sweet friend

- Successful completion of Search Committee duties & calling of a pastor who seems to be a great fit for our community-oriented and globally caring/serving church

- Carter continuing to grow with wonder at the world around him, and seeing his sheer joy at doing things like riding a “big-boy bike,” building Lego skyscrapers, and writing his name (letters are brilliant, you know?!)

- Happiness for Jeff as he continues to follow his dream w/ his own co, and for a favorable new project that has been a gift to us and other programming contractors

- 2 sweet, special family trips, to Austin & Haleiwa (love having people we love living in places we love!)

- Catching up with great girlfriends locally (Olive Garden Moms, baby) and at other locales (one that required use of a renewed passport—yay!)

- Participating in a variety of successful volunteer efforts for Haiti's relief

- Turning 40 in the company of lovely friends & realizing those 2 digits aren't so scary and often pretty great

- Progress/encouragement in renewing thyroid & PCOS health (a lot less fatigue than last year—so grateful)

- More travel/wanderlust emphasis: off-season deal and falling asleep to the sound of Atlantic waves during a quick pre-blizzard Christmas trip to the eastern shore with my favorite fellas

- A little bit of time to think, ponder, create--a favorite gift from a magnanimous Creator (Yes, yes, that's 11 things—funny how lists of joy and gratitude beget more joy and gratitude. I just thought of number 12.)

I'd love to read your list, too. Salud!

Pic from TX trip, May 2010.

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