Thursday, June 30, 2011

walk on

"Not everyone is able to walk, but most people can, which makes walking one of the most easily available spiritual practices of all."

"Where you are going is not as important, as counter-intuitive as that may seem."

"'I began to feel at peace in my body again after being very angry that it had let me down,' the woman explained."

There's more greatness in Taylor's delighting, insightful An Altar in the World. A worthwhile read. I love the story about this particular woman, and her comment resonates with walking (poquito running some of it, because my friend Michelle "made me") a half-marathon last year. I was super tired (like almost all the time, from PCOS and thyroid stuff--on the mend now, and neither condition is comparable to the immeasurable hardship the woman in the book went through, but, for me, it was a frustrating time) and I felt that I just needed "to cross a finish line." So I signed up for a race, conveniently in NoCal, so I could walk near sweet wineries with sweet Michelle.

The finish line was, of course, fabulous. The best part, though: the walk.

From FB notes 6/14/11

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