Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What I Like About You

A fan of large doses of laughter before sleep (or any time), sometimes, I still want to make sure the last thing on my brain when I turn in isn't what Jon Stewart just said, but something...deeper. It occurred to me tonight, after letting Carter watch "Phineas & Ferb" as a treat before bedtime--and let's be real, a treat for me, too, because I didn't have to read aloud, which I love, but I also love a break--that as hilarious as Perry the Platypus is, it's not a bad idea to reconnect to something deeper, and sweeter, for him, too.

So we listened to music, and then we told each other some of the things we like about each other (some, because there's a million to infinity things that we like).

Me: "I like that you are kind; I like your great sense of humor; I like the way you sat there and listened to beautiful music with me; I like the way you make play-doh tickets--it's very creative; and I like the way you were helpful to the kid yesterday (at the play-scape)."

C: "I like the way you painted my bedroom (with words), I like that your eyes were going to be blue (idk, they're green), I'm going to kiss you (kisses my cheek) and I'm going to kiss your other cheek to say 'goodnight' to it."

The beautiful music we were listening to is a song that a dear friend posted on Father's Day. We talked about how sometimes people talk to God like to a mama ("em" in Hebrew) or a papa ("abba"). The song is "Abba" and it's a profound, melodious lullaby for all ages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-GeVf1XQOPg (The song starts at 1:15.) (Apologies for the "copy-and-paste" link--some blogger.com issues with links, or maybe user-error. Anyway...)


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